The Week Of March 31, 1997

Going Bananas: Chiquita's Slippery Influence
The Busy Back-Door Men
By Michael Weisskopf

TIME magazine

Clinton And Yeltsin Agree To Disagree
Two recuperating Presidents agree to disagree and insist they are making progress.We'll see
By Bruce W. Nelan

CIA Nominee: Take Two
Why The Senate Loves An Understudy
By Eric Pooley

Free Speech On The Net At The Supreme Court
Some surprisingly wired Justices hear an antiporn case that would restrict free speech in cyberspace
By Joshua Quittner

Pipeline To The President
After Roger Tamraz put up $150,000, Democratic Party officials battled the CIA and the NSC to get him inside the White House. Guess who prevailed?
By Nancy Gibbs

Ready! Aim! Reboot!: The U.S. Army In The Information Revolution
Digital soldiers will make the Army smarter and deadlier--if the computers will just stop crashing
By Mark Thompson/Fort Irwin