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"Our job is not to compensate for the failure of government to do its job."

--The Rev. Albert Pennybacker of the National Council of Churches, on President Clinton's plea that every church provide a job to one person on welfare

"We have a very complex international market system...There is no way you can talk down or talk up prices or interest rates."

--Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, seeking to discount his own effect on global markets

"The Holocaust has become a fad. Books and films on it are doing so well. It became commercialized, cheap."

--Holocaust survivor and Nobel peace laureate Elie Wiesel, in the New York Times

"The kids get ready for school like they always do, and you throw them into the boat."

--Talbert Boop of Hatfield, Indiana, on the flooding that has isolated his family's home

By Janice M. Horowitz, Nadya Labi, Lina Lofaro, Jamie Malanowski, Emily Mitchell, Megan Rutherford, Alain L. Sanders And Steve Wulf

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