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Times: D'Amato Steered Senate Money To State Level

Wellstone Pondering Presidential Run

Outing' Threat Has N.D. Lawmakers Steaming


Times: D'Amato Steered Senate Money To State Level


NEW YORK (AllPolitics, Feb. 18) -- The New York Times reported today that Sen. Alphonse D'Amato (R-N.Y.) diverted millions of dollars of National Republican Senatorial Committee donations to two state-level accounts, where the money was passed to GOP Gov. George Pataki's campaign, the campaigns of several New York Supreme Court judges and the state Republican party. Donors were apparently unaware of the transfers. D'Amato, who chairs the NRSC, says, "There is nothing wrong with what I did. There was no intent to deceive. We don't have an obligation to tell people."

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Wellstone Pondering Presidential Run


WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Feb. 18) -- Minnesota Democratic Sen. Paul Wellstone won't rule out a run at the presidency in 2000. The quirky liberal, who is just beginning his second six-year term, gets a free shot at the office, since he wouldn't have to give up his Senate seat to pursue what would certainly be a long-shot candidacy. "There's no plan," Wellstone said Monday in St. Paul. "There's no campaign. I've got a big challenge ahead of me right now in the Senate." But he shook his head when asked if he'd rule anything out.

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'Outing' Threat Has N.D. Lawmakers Steaming


BISMARCK, N.D. (AllPolitics, Feb. 18) -- The head of the Dakotas' branch of the American Civil Liberties Union has state lawmakers boiling in North Dakota after he issued a threat to "out" closeted gay legislators who vote for a ban on homosexual marriages. "If they're going to be hypocritical, then they need to have that hypocrisy exposed," says Keith Elston, who is himself gay and says he knows of a few lawmakers who are as well. "He is absolutely off the wall," said GOP Senate Majority Leader Gary Nelson. "I'm going to support my people when they start suing him, if he's idiotic enough to do anything about it."

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