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The Unasked Question

After President Clinton's news conference this week, we wondered what questions AllPolitics readers would have asked.

Here's a sampling of the e-mail we got, and if you have a question that you think should have been directed to the president, just drop us a note at Be sure to include your name and home town.

'A Follow Up...About Webb Hubbell'

A follow up when the president denied that anyone at the White House knew about Webb Hubbell being hired by the Lippo Group. White House aide Bruce Lindsey said he knew about the hiring soon after it occurred. Did he or anyone else tell you, and if not, why?

-- John Kennedy, Des Peres, Mo., Jan. 29

'Sit And Talk With Foreigners'

Mr. President,

Why are you willing to sit and talk with foreigners who contribute to your campaign, but you (and your staff) will not even respond to mail and email questions from tax-paying American citizens?

-- W.R. Watts, Jan. 29

'If You Have The Time'

If you have the time to conduct coffee klatches, midnight tours of the White House, play golf, go to renaissance weekends, write a worst-selling book, how come your lawyers are claiming you don't have time to defend yourself against Paula Jones' lawsuit?

-- Ray Magee, Hollywood, Fla., Jan. 28


Here's one question I'd love to ask Clinton:

How in the world did you get re-elected?

-- Paul Olczak, Buffalo, N.Y., Jan. 28

'More Than Enough Time'

Mr. President:

Since you seem to have enough time on your hands to attend 'coffees' or 'teas' set up for DNC donors at the White House, you would have more than enough time to testify at Paula Corbin Jones vs. William Jefferson Clinton, now wouldn't you? As you may recall, your lawyers suggested in front of the Supreme Court that a sitting president simply would not have time away from running the country to testify in court. That would appear to be incorrect, now wouldn't it?

-- Corey Kopenski, Greenfield, Wis., Jan. 28

'Deflect Attention'

Mr. President, how would you respond to GOP charges that your recent focus on comprehensive campaign fiance reform is primarily intended to deflect attention from allegedly illegal fund-raising activities by your campaign and the Democratic party?

I think this is "The Unasked Question," since the asked question about fund-raising played into the recent Dem fund-raising spin -- namely, that we're not the problem, the system is the problem. Sounds like the Political Play of the Week to me, Bill Schneider! :)

-- Renato Mariotti, Chicago, Ill., Jan. 28

'How Can You Justify Using The White House'

I would have asked:

Mr. President, how can you justify using the White House, which has been provided by the American taxpayers, to grant political rewards such as stays in the Lincoln Bedroom?

-- David DeLisle, Charleston, S.C., Jan. 28

'Database Of Political Donors'

Mr. President, what can you tell us about the $1.7 million computer that contains a database of political donors tied to the Democratic party, and is your administration violating the constitution by using taxpayers' money to fund such a project?

-- Dick Scheidell, Jan. 28

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