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More On Clinton's Legal Defense Fund

We've gotten a lot of mail this week about Clinton's legal defense fund, including some from people who want to contribute. If you want to add a comment, you can send us e-mail at Be sure to include your name and home town.

'Republicans Will Do Anything'

I believe that the Republicans will do anything to try to bring this president down. They have cost the taxpayers so much money on their witch hunt and now they and the press anxious for ratings are at it again.

When will the evil stop and let the man be president? He is doing a good job in spite of everything. It is time to get on with the real problems of this country. I have been a Republican for years but after this last go around of hearings and Mr. Newt, I have almost changed my mind. It is to bad when we elect a man we can't forget politics until time for the next election and get on with the crime, debt, health care and other problems that affect us all. What about a story of where the S & L money went in New York, Texas, Colorado and a lot of other states?

God bless our president.

-- Loretta Green, Dec. 18

'No Concept Of Right And Wrong'

Mr. Clinton was/is so focused on being elected, he has no concept of right and wrong, and doesn't care how money was generated. He and Hillary knew of this last April, and there was a big cover up until now.

Let's face it, we are stuck with the trash in the White House for another four years. Let's forget Clinton, concentrate on moving the country ahead in the congress and elect Fred Thompson in 2000.

All of Clinton's "friends" are bailing out.

-- Warren Wiethaupt, St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 18

'A Miracle Man'

How can you tie Charlie Trie's import/export business success to a 16-year friendship with President Clinton? People can be successful on their own without the help of the White House. Clinton is nothing short of being a miracle man, but you can't give him all the credit for the Asian economy...even it is the fastest growing in the world.

If you want to know the real Clinton read his book..."Between Hope and History." That's the Bill Clinton that most of us know.

-- Dick Hill, Dec. 18

'Big Deal'

Re: Your article of 12/17/96: Another Buddhist Clinton Fund-raising Connection.

Big deal! Your article of 12/17/96 makes it sound like there was something wrong about a religious leader asking followers to contribute to Clinton's re-election. Your article also suggests the organization is a cult. Why? Because Ching Hai's followers state she is a reincarnated Master? Or simply because its Buddhist? Because it involves Asians? What about Oral Roberts saying he had a vision that Jesus is coming soon AND has asked Oral to rule with him, as his right hand man? What about the Christian Coalition? Haven't they drummed up a little support for the Republicans? Are we so blind to our own racist fears that anything that is not white mainstream American is a cult or somehow wrong? Give those of us who have half a brain a break.

-- Philip A. Butt, Honolulu, Hawaii, Dec. 18

'The Line'

I have to agree with Mr. Lavan's comments (Voter's Voice 12/18) regarding Brooks Jackson's story on Inside Politics, Dec. 17. What struck me even more is the line that Mr. Jackson came within a hair's breadth of crossing by making it sound as if any money received from Asian-Americans or Asians should be immediately suspect. Mr. Trie's efforts seem to be nothing more than a supporter trying to do a good turn and probably wanting access in return. If that's as good as your reporting gets, then I'll watch Wild Wild West reruns on my lunch hour.

-- Rick Larsen, Everett, Wash., Dec. 18

'Take The Money And Run'

His [Clinton's] involvement in the DNC and legal assistance fund-raising simply describes the way he sees things. Take the money and run seems to be his position. It matters not where the cash is found or who makes it available; drug lords, Asian business, etc.

-- Jack Morris, Loomis, Calif., Dec. 18


I think that the very fact that our president has to have such a fund is unacceptable. Too much has happened all around Mr. Clinton to believe him when he says he has been unaware of all the issues. No other president to my knowledge has had to have such a fund. If the press gave as much front page space to the issues concerning this president as they gave to the O.J. Simpson case, he wouldn't be in office. Most people are too busy tending to life's daily issues to spend much time beyond glancing at the front page.

I didn't vote for Mr. Clinton. I believe history will show the real Clintons and those that did vote for him will come to believe they made a mistake. Most Americans are concerned with character. My mother use to say, " You're not judged by the company you keep, you are the company you keep."

-- Mark Jenkinson, Wilbraham, Mass., Dec. 18

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