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We got lots of e-mail about Robert Dole's acceptance speech and final impressions of the Republican convention in San Diego. Here's a sample:

"Hit The Bull's-eye"

As far as I am concerned, Dole's convention speech hit the bull's-eye. I am a moderate Republican who -- until the convention -- had been somewhat dispirited and definitely uninspired. Dole had not been my candidate during the primaries (Forbes was), and I had trouble visualizing him as our standard-bearer.

Then the convention took place. What a difference four days can make! I was profoundly moved by the depth, nobility, compassion and gentleness of Bob Dole as seen through the eyes of others, and as portrayed by the man himself. The integrity, the naturalness, the core values of the man were definitely inspiring and uplifting. He reminded me about the things that I love about this country.

Bob Dole's speech itself hit the mark because it was an adult speech delivered simply and earnestly. In politics, as in other endeavors, the winning strategy is always to be yourself. It always rings true and is, consequently, much more persuasive. I will not only be voting for Bob Dole, I will be doing it enthusiastically.


-- Ace

"Only Reinforced My Beliefs"

The Republican convention did not change my mind, only reinforced my beliefs. Almost any sane and moral Republican would be better than what we have now. For the first time in three years, I'm feeling optimistic about my country's future. Four more years of Clinton would be a curse on the country and the office of the presidency. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

-- Betty Smith

"Character Does Matter To Me"

I liked his speech and I'm going to vote for him. His speech did a lot to clear up questions I had about him. P.S. I'm a registered Democrat and character does matter to me.

-- Warren

"Gingrich Congress Is Too Dangerous"

I like Dole and love Kemp, but I feel that the Gingrich Congress is too dangerous to have a Republican president. Therefore, I vote for Clinton!

-- M.Z.

"The Party Of Freedom"

J.C. Watts delivered the best speech. Too bad the networks decided not to carry it.

The Republican Party I watched in San Diego was the Republican Party I joined when I first could vote in 1988. A party based on freedom, personal responsibility and less government and lower taxes.

Jack Kemp has it right. The Democratic Party is a party of elitists. The Republican Party is the party of freedom.

-- Jeff Mitchell, West Des Moines, Iowa

"Very Uplifting And Genuine"

I thought Bob Dole's acceptance speech was excellent. The best political speech I have ever heard. He was very specific about his vision for the future, and I believe that his vision is going to lead to a better America.

He was very uplifting and genuine in his speech. There were not any of the theatrics or falsehoods that are seen in so many political speeches today. Bob Dole gave this speech from his heart and was very honest, even when he was hard-hitting in certain areas. I am glad to see someone so frank with the American people about issues such as crime, education, immigration and the economic policy. It is high time that the president becomes someone we can trust again, unlike the current White House which is involved in scandal after scandal. Anyway, I believe Bob Dole gave the speech that is going to propel him right into the Oval Office.

-- Sean C. Hyde, Atlanta

"Too Bad He Doesn't Believe A Word Of It"

Dole delivered a great speech: lower taxes, school choice, attacking the roots of crime, etc.

Too bad he doesn't believe a word of it. Harry Browne, Libertarian candidate, is the only major candidate who really believes that your money is yours to spend, not the government's. That parents should choose schools for their children with their own money, not give it to the government to be dribbled back in vouchers.

Harry Browne also supports human rights for all Americans: blacks, whites, gays, young, old, women, men. He knows that families are the font of values, not government, and would get the federal government out of the values debate. He would get government out of the abortion debate.

If CNN and the networks stop their news blackout of Harry Browne, this will be a strong three-way race. Get Harry Browne in the presidential debates and judge for yourself.

-- Darren Greway, Holland, Pa.

"Excellent Reasons For Supporting...Clinton"

I think that Mr. Dole presented excellent reasons for supporting the re-election of President Clinton. A person who thinks that over $500 billion in tax cuts and federal spending cuts is going to put our economy on the fast track does not deserve serious consideration. Additionally, school vouchers and anything else that will breach the separation of church and state is extremely undesirable. How can anyone feel comfortable voting for the Dole/Kemp ticket?

-- David Bible, Forth Worth, Texas

"Inherent Contradictions"

Dole's speech had inherent contradictions. He agreed with the Libertarians that it is a good thing for people to spend their own money; that it is a good thing for parents to choose which schools to send their children to.

But, instead of offering (like Harry Browne) to let people keep their own money and spend it on education, Dole offered up so-called "school choice" -- a euphemism for vouchers, which mean more tax dollars massaged into a "benefit," with all the usual bureaucratic overhead.

Better to get the federal government entirely out of education, and all other unconstitutional programs, as Harry Browne, Libertarian candidate, proposes.

-- Terry McIntyre, Pittsburgh, Pa.

"Religious Right Has Taken Over"

No, the speech did not change my mind.

Though I am registered Republican, I will vote for Ross Perot. The radical religious right has taken over the Republican party. I am sure they would promote their peculiar brand of religion, and they don't believe in religious liberty. They don't believe that the government should be neutral in matters of religion.

-- Joe Hoffman

"Promising Things He'll Never Be Able To Deliver"

Well, it's clear that Dole is once again doing the political dance of promising things he'll never be able to deliver. I have always voted Republican also. However, with a Republican Senate, Congress, and White House, the pattern has been noted by the American people of what the real plans are for this party. It's sad to see so much money and effort and hope wasted.

-- Marty O. Crine

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