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  • Rumble In The Bayou
  • Blanton Dead At 66
  • Clinton Marks One-Year Anniversary of Bosnia Peace

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    Rumble In The Bayou

    BATON ROUGE, La. (AllPolitics, Nov. 22) -- The election is over, but not the fight between U.S. Sen.-elect Mary Landrieu and defeated GOP candidate Woody Jenkins. A state judge has set a Dec. 16 hearing on whether Jenkins must disclose evidence of voter fraud. Jenkins dropped a state lawsuit challenging the results of the election, taking his complaints of irregularities to the Senate instead, and he wants the Senate not to seat Landrieu. But Landrieu intervened in Jenkins' original suit, seeking to force him to disclose evidence. That, she believes, will show Jenkins' lawsuit was frivolous and allow her to recover the money she spent fighting his challenge.

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    Blanton Dead At 66

    JACKSON, Tenn. (AllPolitics, Nov. 22) -- Disgraced former Tennessee Gov. Ray Blanton, whose administration was tainted by multiple scandals, died today at 66. The Democrat was governor from 1975 to 1979. His term ended three days early, following a scandal over his pardoning and commuting prison terms for 52 state inmates. Blanton was not charged in the case, but two aides were convicted of accepting money in return for approving paroles for prisoners. Blanton was convicted in 1981 of extortion and conspiracy for selling a liquor license to a friend while in office. He served 22 months in prison.

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    Clinton Marks One-Year Anniversary of Bosnia Peace

    PORT DOUGLAS, Australia (AllPolitics, Nov. 22) -- President Bill Clinton hailed the one-year anniversary of the signing of the Dayton peace accord for Bosnia-Herzegovina. Saying that American leadership "remains vital in pursuing our interests and is critical to restoring peace and stability in places like Bosnia," Clinton defended his decision to commit American troops to a second military force in Bosnia. The mission of the first force -- known as IFOR -- runs out next month. "In the end it is still up to the Bosnian people, with the help of the international community, to take responsibility for rebuilding their country, reconciling with their neighbors, creating a democratic national government and laying the foundation for a self-sustaining peace," Clinton said in a written statement.

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