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Ballot Counts Continue In House Races

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WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Nov. 14) -- GOP Rep. Bob Dornan's race is still up in the air, as are four other House races. But it looks like California Democratic Rep. George Brown will return to Washington for a 17th term.

Brown's 865-vote lead over Republican Linda Wilde in the state's 42nd district is thought to be insurmountable with only 3,100 votes left to count, according to The Associated Press.

Dornan charges that non-citizens voted in the election, and holds out hope that he'll make up the margin in the remaining ballots. "Anything could happen. Anything is possible," he said. His Democratic opponent, Loretta Sanchez, has claimed victory.

Other undecided races:

  • Washington GOP Rep. Linda Smith now has a 1,060-vote lead over Democrat Brian Baird in the 3rd district. Baird was thought to be the winner on Election Night, but absentee and mailed-in ballots have not broken his way.

  • GOP Rep. Jack Metcalf has taken the lead over Democrat Kevin Quigley in Washington's 2nd District after two counties reported new absentee results. Metcalf now leads by 1,053 votes.

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  • Pennsylvania GOP Rep. Jon Fox has declared victory after the latest counts showed him apparently widening his slim lead over Democrat Joseph Hoeffel.

  • Massachusetts GOP Rep. Peter Torkildsen is requesting a recount in his 354-vote loss to Democrat John Tierney. The recount is expected to take until mid-December.

Three other races in Texas will be decided in a December runoff.

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