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Election Roundup: Counting Continues

dornan sanchez

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Nov. 12) -- A week after the election, there are still some cliffhangers out there, headlined by two as-yet undecided California contests.

In Orange County, six-term Republican Rep. Bob Dornan leads his Democratic rival Loretta Sanchez by just 233 votes, with approximately 10,000 ballots yet to be counted.

Dornan says he'll appeal if the final count goes against him -- charging that a Hispanic group and the Democratic Party unfairly helped Sanchez.

But the county registrar says fraud is "highly unlikely."

brown wilde

Also in California, Democratic incumbent George Brown leads GOP challenger Linda Wilde by 865 votes, with 3,000 ballots left to count. Wilde refuses to concede.

It's tighter still in Pennsylvania's 13th District, where GOP freshman Rep. Jon Fox beat Democrat Joseph Hoeffel by just 81 votes. A re-count is possible.

In Washington state, freshman GOP congresswoman Linda Smith lives again. On election night her opponent, Democrat Brian Baird, was declared the winner. But the absentee ballots have gone Smith's way -- and now she's ahead by 700 votes, with 7,000 left to count.

fox hoeffel

Finally, in Massachusetts, where Democratic challenger John Tierney beat GOP freshman Peter Torkildsen by 354 votes, the Torkildsen camp is organizing a re-count petition.

On the Senate side there is a possible appeal in Louisiana. Democrat Mary Landrieu beat Republican Woody Jenkins by less than 6,000 votes. Jenkins is expected to decide Thursday whether to challenge the result.

One other race worth noting: Los Angeles District Attorney Gil Garcetti is in a fierce contest to hold onto his job.

The O.J. Simpson prosecutor holds a 3,100-vote lead over challenger John Lynch, with about 10,000 ballots left to count.

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