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Clinton Victory Hailed Worldwide


By Wendy King/AllPolitics

(AllPolitics, Nov. 6) -- The re-election of President Bill Clinton garnered praise worldwide Wednesday, from supportive Americans to international businessmen and governments.

Celebrations were held in Sydney, Australia, where revelers partook in a cake shaped like an American flag. In Canberra, the Budweiser and pizza flowed nonstop.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jim Bolger sent Clinton a congratulatory message, and France's President Jacques Chirac thought it "joyful news" and referred to the president as "my dear Bill."

Many viewed Clinton's re-election as inevitable. The Guardian newspaper hit London's streets touting "Clinton surges to victory" even before the first American polls closed.

Clinton's victory reportedly had no effect on the Asian financial markets, and in Tokyo, Japan's foreign minister, Yukihiko Ikeda, said "his re-election is a very reassuring event for the peace and prosperity of the world."

As the Democrats Abroad Japan organization was planning a celebration of its own, including country music and apple pie, Republican rivals predicted trouble for Clinton. "The man clearly doesn't have moral responsibility," said Tokyo Republican Joan Shepard. "If they are going to have a party, they better do it before he's indicted."

South Korea's largest opposition party said it expected the United States to strengthen its North Korea policy by pushing toward reform and openness. Vietnam was pleased with Clinton's victory and called for stable and peaceful relations between Washington and Hanoi.

Abroad, Clinton's win also was used for motivation. Television stations in Thailand carried live coverage of Clinton's acceptance speech from Little Rock, Ark., in hopes of motivating the Thais to vote in their own election in mid-November.



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