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A Defiant Susan McDougal Goes To Jail


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AllPolitics, Sept. 9) -- A defiant Susan McDougal began an 18-month contempt of court sentence today for refusing to answer special prosecutor Kenneth Starr's questions about Bill and Hillary Clinton.

McDougal asked an interviewer why she should talk "to a man who laughed in Jim McDougal's face when he told him I had nothing to do with the crime I was convicted of and said, 'We knew it all along.'

"He (Starr) wants to take me into a room where there is no lawyer to sit with me, and ask me questions, like I would believe his integrity, that he's asking me these questions ethically," McDougal said. "I don't believe it for a minute. I will not answer his questions."

Starr, however, accused McDougal and her lawyer of "brazenly trying to deceive the public...Their continued attempts to mislead the public...are outrageous and unethical."

McDougal has accused prosecutors of offering her a lighter sentence in exchange for information on the Clintons, which Starr also has denied.

McDougal and her ex-husband James were partners with the Clintons in the Whitewater land development in Arkansas. She also faces a two-year sentence for a conviction of misusing a $300,000 loan. That prison term begins Sept. 30.

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