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Dick Morris' Resignation Statement

August 29, 1996

Last night, I resigned as campaign strategist for President Clinton. While I served I sought to avoid the limelight because I did not want to become the message. Now, I resign so I will not become the issue.

I will not subject my wife, family or friends to the sadistic vitriol of yellow journalism.

I will not dignify such journalism with a reply or answer. I never will.

I was deeply honored to help this President come back from being buried in a landslide and to make it possible for him to have a second chance at a second term.

He is a great President and a great man. He can truly unite the country around the partnership of opportunity and responsibility. It is the message for our times.

I want to thank the President and the Democratic Party for allowing me to return. I hope I have served them well.

Politics will remain for me what it was to Robert Kennedy, an honorable adventure.

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