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Dole Proposes Using Military To Fight Drugs

[Dole]CHICAGO (AllPolitics, Aug. 25) -- A harshly critical Bob Dole today faulted President Bill Clinton for increased drug use among teenagers, a "national tragedy" the GOP presidential nominee said he would combat with the American military. (241 K WAV sound)

Dole, speaking in Chicago's Palos Park, just a few miles from where Democrats will assemble tomorrow for their four-day convention, cited recent government figures showing that use of hard drugs such as cocaine, LSD, and heroin, along with marijuana, has increased in 1995.

"It's wrong, it's wrong, it's wrong" to abandon America's youth to the "ravages" of drugs, Dole said, accusing the Clinton Administration of a "just say nothing" policy on drugs.

Dole claimed that in 119 public statements by the president during 1995, Clinton mentioned drugs only once. He said the adminstration had slashed the drug war budget, and reminded his audience that Clinton's former Surgeon General, Joycelyn Elders, had suggested legalization of drugs.

"What was the White House reaction to this report that came out last week (on drugs)?" Dole asked. "They said they were satisfied with their efforts to date, and, to quote a White House spokesman, they said this: there's no need for a new proposal. I disagree...there's urgent need for a new proposal, and new thinking."

His administration will "win the war on drugs," Dole charged, promising to consult with his Secretary of Defense to devise a strategy to use the National Guard and other military units to stop drugs at the border.

Dole appeared under a hot sun in shirt sleeves. Introduced by Illinois Gov. Jim Edgar, the Kansan was flanked by Republican National Chairman Haley Barbour and Elizabeth Dole, whom Dole praised as "so talented, Eleanor Roosevelt is trying to reach her."

He began the speech by reciting his standard litany of tax-and-budget promises: a 15-percent, across-the-board tax cut matched with a commitment to balancing the budget by 2002, a feat possible, Dole claimed, through "presidential will." He also promised to cut the capital gains tax in half and lower estate taxes.

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