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Rep. Molinari Says Dole's Tax Plan Is Pro-Family


SAN DIEGO (AllPolitics, Aug. 13) -- Rep. Susan Molinari (R-N.Y.) made a determined effort tonight to boost Bob Dole's fortunes with working women, praising his new tax-cutting plan as a boon to two-income families.

In a keynote speech to the Republican National Convention, Molinari reached out to constituencies that represent a problem for Dole -- women and suburban independent voters worried about their economic future.

"I don't know a mom today who isn't being stretched to her limit trying to hold down a job, while trying to hold down the fort at home, too," Molinari told an enthusiastic throng. "How many times have we said to ourselves, there just aren't enough hours in the day? And the truth is, there aren't." (288K WAV sound)

With Dole's tax cut plan in effect, Molinari said, Americans would keep more of what they earn and have more hours to spend at home with their families.

"Bill Clinton passed the largest tax increase in history, and now Americans pay almost 40 cents of every dollar they earn in taxes -- the most ever," Molinari said. "Every year Bill Clinton has been in office, taxes have been higher and family incomes have been lower.

"The Dole-Kemp plan will give every working man and woman in this country a 15-percent across-the-board tax cut," Molinari told the delegates. "It's a plan for all of us." (224K WAV sound)

[Molinari family]

Molinari's 10-minute talk capped an evening of strong anti-Clinton rhetoric. Molinari took a few swipes at the president, too, as someone who has made promises about tax cuts, welfare reform and health care reform and then broken them all.

"Americans know that Bill Clinton's promises have the lifespan of a Big Mac on Air Force One," she said to the hoots of the crowd. "While that may be funny, what's not funny is what he is doing to the promise of America."

But the strongest theme of Molinari's talk was families. She and her husband, Rep. Bill Paxon, are the parents of a new three-month-old baby girl, Susan Ruby. She sat on her father's and grandfather's laps in the VIP box, more entranced with her bottle than her mother's speech.

Molinari said she wants the best for her daughter and that includes Dole as the next president.

"I want my daughter's earliest memories of our nation's leader to be of a man who still dreams, despite adversity. A man who dreams of peace, because he's known the horrors of war," Molinari said. "A man who dreams big, because he knows what it means to begin life with so little." (448K WAV sound)


Molinari is a supporter of abortion rights, but she did not mention the divisive issue in her talk.

Molinari also highlighted Dole's work in the Senate on legislation to protect women and children from crime.

"We worked closely together to produce legislation that gave women and children strong new protections against sexual predators by closing loopholes that let rapists and child molesters go free," she said.

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