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Hillary Kept Long-Sought Records, Senate Committee Believes


WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, June 13) -- The Senate Whitewater Committee will identify first lady Hillary Clinton as the only suspect in the mysterious disappearance of her long-sought Whitewater legal billing records, the New York Daily News reported today.

The records, which detailed Mrs. Clinton's work for failed S&L Madison Guaranty, had been sought by Whitewater investigators for more than two years before they were unexpectedly discovered by longtime Clinton aide Carolyn Huber in the Clinton's White House residence.

The Daily News cited anonymous Senate investigators who said that when the committee releases its final report Tuesday, it "will indicate that Hillary Rodham Clinton left the records in the (White House) book room... It's not reasonable to think anybody else left them there."

[Alfonse D'Amato]

The committee questioned more than 200 people about the records, whose mysterious appearance provided the highest drama of the committee's 14 months of hearings. Led by Chairman Alfonse D'Amato (R-N.Y.), the panel never questioned the first lady directly or in writing on the matter, though independent Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth Starr subpoenaed Mrs. Clinton to testify before a federal grand jury. His inquiry is ongoing.

Republicans have long suspected the Clintons wish to obscure Hillary's involvement with Madison, and that her billing records may have been removed from White House counsel Vincent Foster's office in 1993 on the night he committed suicide. The Clintons have steadfastly maintained nothing devious occurred, and that the records demonstrate Mrs. Clinton's minimal involvement with Madison.

"As the First Lady testified and has said publicly, she does not know how they (the records) came to be discovered int the book room of the White House," White House Whitewater spokesman Mark Fabiani was quoted in the Daily News. "Even though the first lady offered to answer its questions in writing last February, the committee never chose to ask her a single question."

That's likely because Senate Republicans don't want to risk being seen as bullying the first lady. But, perhaps emboldened by the recent guilty convictions in Little Rock of the Clinton's Whitewater partner and Madison owners Jim and Susan McDougal, GOP senators have apparently decided to confront Hillary Clinton more directly.

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