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Alma Powell Says She Worried For Husband's Safety


NEW YORK (AllPolitics, April 11) -- Both the hate mail and random callers were scary during the time her husband contemplated a presidential run, Alma Powell reveals in the May issue of the Ladies Home Journal.

"You think everybody loves (retired general) Colin Powell," She said. "Everybody doesn't like Colin Powell."

On the urging of others, the highly popular Desert Storm hero considered running for president, but decided against it. Making his announcement last November, Powell downplayed the importance of his wife's fears in his decision making. Though she had acknowledged some reservations, her latest comments are the most detailed admission of how deeply those fears run.

"I don't want to describe the hate mail we've gotten," she said. "... One day I got two letters -- one telling me what a wonderful man I was married to and how much the country needed him; the other said Colin Powell is a scum bag and proceeded to list all his evils."

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Some people journeyed across the country, discovered where the Powells live, and showed up on their doorstep. That scared her, even when the callers were fans. Her grim conclusion: "A black man running for president is going to be in a dangerous position."

Many Republicans are still hoping the retired general will join Sen. Robert Dole's ticket, though presumably Mrs. Powell's reservations extend to the vice presidency, as well. Powell himself has reaffirmed his intent to remain on the sidelines.

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