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List Of Executives On Brown Trip

Defense Department sources said there were 27 passengers, plus crew, on Commerce Secretary Ron Brown's ill-fated aircraft.

Here, according to the Associated Press, is a list of the executives who had been planning to accompany Brown on his visit to Bosnia and Croatia, and their status, if known.


  • Ronald B. Woodard, president, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group, Renton, Wash.

  • Joseph W. Sutton, president, Enron Development Corp, Houston

  • Alfred Checchi, co-chairman, Northwest Airlines


  • Daniel R. Bannister, president and chief executive officer of DynCorp, Reston, Va.


  • Donald Terner, president Bridge Housing Corp., San Francisco, Calif.

  • Robert E. Donovan, president and chief executive officer ABB Inc., Norwalk, Conn.

  • Claudio Elia, chairman and chief executive officer of Air & Water Technologies Corp., Somerville, N.J.

  • Stuart Tholan, president Bechtel-Europe/Africa/Middle East/Southwest Asia in San Francisco, Calif.

  • John A. Scoville, chairman Harza Engineering Co., Chicago.

  • Leonard Pieroni, chairman and chief executive officer, Parsons Corp., Pasadena, Calif.

  • Barry L. Conrad, chairman and chief executive officer of Barrington Group, Miami.

  • Paul Cushman III, chairman and chief executive officer Riggs International Banking Corp., Washington.

  • Walter Murphy, senior vice president, AT&T Submarine Systems Inc., Morristown, N.J.

  • Robert A. Whittaker, chairman and chief executive officer, Foster Wheeler Energy International, Clifton, N.J.

  • Frank Maier, president, Ensearch International Ltd., Dallas.

  • David Ford, president and chief executive officer, InterGuard Corp. of Guardian International, Auburn Hills, Mich.

  • Frank Maier, Ensearch International Corp.

  • Walter Murphy, AT&T Submarine Systems

  • Robert Whittaker, Foster Wheeler Energy International


  • Capt. Ashley Davis, pilot

  • Capt. Tim Schafer, pilot

  • SSgt. Gerald Aldrich, flight mechanic

  • SSgt. Robert Farrington Jr., steward

  • TSgt. Cheryl Turnage, steward

  • TSgt. Shelly Kelly, steward

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