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Whitewater Testimony Sought


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Feb. 5) -- The rapids of Whitewater grew rougher today as President Bill Clinton was ordered to testify next month at the trial of Susan McDougal, a partner in the ill-fated Ozark land deal. Her lawyer argues that only the President can offer testimony to clear Mrs. McDougal, whose ex-husband James ran the failed Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan.

A former Little Rock banker says Clinton pressured him to make a $300,000 loan to Mrs. McDougal. Clinton, who denies the accusation, has not been charged. The trial on conspiracy and fraud charges for the McDougals and Gov. Jim Guy Tucker, who had other business dealings with the Arkansas couple, is set for March 4. Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr claims those three scammed $3 million in loans from federally backed lenders to benefit themselves illegally.

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