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LEHRER: Some supporters of Senator Dole have expressed disappointment over his unwillingness in Hartford Sunday night to draw personal and ethical differences between him and President Clinton. How do you feel about it?

LEHRER: Mr. Vice President, what do you see as the political philosophy differences in a general way between you and President Clinton on the one hand, and Mr. Kemp and Senator Dole on the other?

LEHRER: Mr. Kemp, back to the philosophy question. Do you think there's a basic philosophy difference between these two tickets or is it about specifics, which both of you have talked about?

LEHRER: Mr. Vice President, should federal government affirmative action programs be continued?

LEHRER: Mr. Kemp, do we have a serious race problem in the United States right now?

LEHRER: Mr. Vice President, if re-elected, what would -- what could we look forward to in the way of an inner-city policy from a Clinton-Gore second term?

LEHRER: Mr. Kemp, you said recently that one of the problems related to this was that all the capital was in the hands of the white people. What did you mean by that?

LEHRER: Mr. Vice President, what about Mr. Kemp's point that he's made a couple of times that what we need is to throw away the current -- the present tax code and write a whole new tax system? Do you agree with that?

LEHRER: Mr. Kemp, is it really possible to balance the budget without reforming drastically the entitlements programs, including Social Security and Medicare?

LEHRER: Mr. Vice President, is the war in Bosnia really over, or is it going to break out again once the U.S. and the NATO troops leave?

LEHRER: Mr. Kemp, Senator Dole has criticized the president on Haiti. He said he handled that wrong. What did he do wrong?

LEHRER: Mr. Vice President, Mexico. We caused the problem and then had to go in and bail them out?

LEHRER: Mr. Kemp, Senator Dole the other night criticized President Clinton for cutting defense spending and thus cutting jobs in California. Is that how defense spending should be seen, as a jobs program as well?

LEHRER: Mr. Vice President, some Democrats have charged that the environment would be in jeopardy if Mr. Kemp and Senator Dole are elected. Do you share that fear?

LEHRER: Mr. Kemp, you mentioned already before and you'd said on "Meet the Press" Sunday, that the federal government engages in "regulation reign of terror." What exactly do you mean?

LEHRER: Mr. Vice President, does the government of the United States, as now operated by the Clinton administration, operate on a reign of terror? Through a reign of terror?

LEHRER: What measurement do you use, Mr. Kemp, in saying the economy is not growing the way it should be?

LEHRER: Mr. Vice President, Senator Dole raised the same question to President Clinton the other night about keeping promises made. What is your reaction to that? What is your response to that charge against you and the president?

LEHRER: Mr. Kemp, some are saying these days that something's gone terribly wrong with the American soul, that we've become too mean, too selfish, too uncaring. And the spitting incident, how it was handled, the baseball player is used as a recent example. What do you think about that?

LEHRER: Mr. Vice President, do you agree with that thesis, that in order to solve the problem of civility, the problems of the American soul, you have to -- it's an economic problem more than it is something else?

LEHRER: Mr. Kemp, speaking of the family, where do you come down on that? Do you believe that it should be repealed, the Family Leave Act?

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