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Bill Clinton; front runner

The Front-Runner: Bill Clinton

  • Dole's age (96K WAV sound)
  • Vote for Dole? (128K WAV sound)
  • Affirmative Action and Quotas (192K WAV sound)
  • Mideast Summit (192K WAV sound)
  • Dole's "real stand" on medicare (160K WAV sound)
  • Importance of this Election (256K WAV sound)

  • The Underdog: Bob Dole

  • Dole's word is his bond (256K WAV sound)
  • "There you go again, Mr. President" (192K WAV sound)
  • Tobacco and drugs (256K WAV sound)
  • Presidential politics and Medicare (192K WAV sound)
  • Equal opportunities for all Americans (224K WAV sound)
  • Dole's age (192K WAV sound)
  • Clinton's ethics (288K WAV sound)

  • Bob Dole; the underdog


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