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Full Debate Transcript

The Reigning Champion: Bill Clinton

  • "I hate drugs" (320K WAV sound)
  • Health Care: "More than we could chew" (352K WAV sound)
  • Taking responsibility for Somalia (192K WAV sound)
  • Dole never met a tax he didn't hike (256K WAV sound)
  • Iraq and the U.N. (352K WAV sound)
  • New familiarity with Al D'Amato (160K WAV sound)

  • Bill Clinton; reigning champion

    Bob Dole; challenger

    The Challenger: Bob Dole

  • School choice for all Americans (192K WAV sound)
  • A bridge to the future -- and to the truth (256K WAV sound)
  • Clinton's foreign policy (192K WAV sound)
  • The tobacco issue (256K WAV sound)
  • Trust or fear? (160K WAV sound)
  • Clinton's administration (192K WAV sound)
  • Whitewater and pardons (256K WAV sound)

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  • Who's better off? Time: 1:42
  • Not midnight in America Time: 0:29
  • Sparring over drugs Time: 3:37
  • Schools: "Your choice is nothing." Time: 4:39
  • Cutting taxes a good idea? Time: 1:34
  • "You say, 'No Comment.'" Time: 2:50
  • Question between trust and fear Time: 2:00

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