Answer from Hagelin

The Natural Law Party is the only political party with a realistic, responsible plan to eliminate the deficit and balance the budget without raising taxes or cutting essential services. The Republicans and Democrats claim that they will reduce the deficit--but we do not hear them discussing how, because their plans will necessitate cutting important social programs. Such options would be very unpopular in an election year.

The Natural Law Party will reduce the national deficit through cost-effective solutions to crime, spiraling health costs, and other costly social problems--solutions that will save the nation hundreds of billions of dollars annually. On the basis of these savings, the Natural Law Party can offer a realistic strategy to eliminate the deficit and balance the U.S. budget by 1999. Moreover, the savings generated by these prevention-oriented programs will enable us to eliminate the deficit in the best possible way--by making people healthier, happier, and safer.

We can create a sustainable America through such proven, prevention-oriented solutions to our nationšs problems. These solutions include implementing preventive health care, thereby saving $500 billion in costs and rescuing Medicare (see question 3); beginning to privatize Social Security (see question 2); implementing sustainable agriculture policies and developing alternative, nonpolluting energy sources to protect the environment and save money (see question 5); and strengthening lower-school and higher education to keep children in school, prevent drug abuse, and reduce crime (see question 8). The Party will create further savings by streamlining the Federal Government--reducing governmental mismanagement, cutting pork-barrel spending, simplifying redundant bureaucracies, and encouraging decentralization and privatization wherever possible. On the basis of the savings generated by these programs, the Natural Law Party will implement a pro-growth economic policy, including a low flat tax of 10% by 2002, that will create good new jobs, reduce unemployment, and strengthen job security (see question 6). Only the Natural Law Party can offer such an approach--one that improves the present generation and protects those to come.