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Bill Clinton

    at four

  • In high school, Bill Clinton was a drum major in the band, as well as a class officer. He also plays the saxophone and played in a jazz combo.

  • Clinton's uncle, Roy Clinton, served in the Arkansas Legislature from 1951 to 1954, two terms.

  • At age 16, Bill Clinton was Arkansas' representative to the American Legion's "Boy's Nation" in Washington. There is a picture, taken in the summer of 1963, of President John Kennedy shaking Clinton's hand when the delegates visited the White House.

  • At Wellesley, Hillary Rodham was part of a multiple-winning team on the TV program "College Bowl."

  • In her 1969 commencement speech at Wellesley, Hillary Clinton said: "We feel that our prevailing acquisitive and competitive corporate life...is not for us."

    & JFK

  • In 1972, Bill and Hillary went to Texas to work for George McGovern's presidential campaign.

  • Hillary Clinton worked on the legal staff of the House Judiciary Committee during its impeachment proceedings against President Nixon in 1974. (The job also had been offered to Bill, but he declined because he was running for Congress).

  • Clinton made $35,000 a year as Governor of Arkansas, the lowest salary of any U.S. Governor.

  • The Clintons reported a gross income of $268,646 on their 1990 federal income tax return, up from $197,651 in 1989. Most of the income came from Hillary's law practice. ($105,771 in 1990, $92,444 in 1989.)

  • Clinton is the second person in Arkansas history to serve five terms as Governor. (The other was Democratic Gov. Orval E. Faubus.)

  • In 1976, Clinton directed Jimmy Carter's successful presidential campaign in Arkansas.

  • Clinton was 32 years old when he became governor in 1978. He was the youngest governor in the nation since Harold E. Stassen was elected governor of Minnesota in 1938 at the age of 31.

  • From 1986-87, Clinton served one term as Chairman of the National Governors' Association.

  • Clinton came to national attention when he delivered an abysmal 32-minute long nominating speech for Michael Dukakis at the 1988 Democratic Convention. The delegates cheered when Clinton said, "In closing..." Clinton later joked "It wasn't my finest hour. It wasn't even my finest hour-and-a-half." Clinton also appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson after the 1988 Dukakis speech and joked about his performance.

  • Clinton plays saxophone, and has given "concerts" at fund-raisers. He also played sax (wearing a pair of sunglasses) on Arsenio Hall's syndicated talk show in June of 1992.

  • Clinton became chairman of the moderate Democratic Leadership Council in 1989. He resigned in 1991 as he prepared to enter the race for president.

  • Clinton's nickname is "Slick Willy." Sheffield Nelson, who lost the 1990 governor's race to Clinton, explains it this way: "He'll be what the people want him to be. He'll do or say what it will take to get elected."

  • Clinton hailed the U.S. victory in the Gulf War but was accused of "waffling" on the issue, never having taken a clear stance. When Congress voted to authorize the use of force in January, 1991, Clinton said he supported the resolution but was sympathetic to the arguments of those on the other side. The January 15, 1991 edition of the Arkansas Gazette quoted Clinton as saying he agreed with the majority of Democrats in Congress who voted against the use of force for longer reliance on sanctions.

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