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Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton married Hillary Rodham in 1975. She is a graduate of Wellesley College and Yale Law. They have one daughter, Chelsea, born February 27, 1980.

baby chelsea

Hillary was born October 26, 1947. She grew up in Park Ridge, a suburb of Chicago. Her father owned a Textile company. Of Hillary's childhood, TIME wrote in 1992, "She earned every Girl Scout badge, pulled a wagon full of sports equipment to her job at the park every summer, was elected president of her high school class and earned so many honors that her parents recall 'being slightly uncomfortable at her graduation.' She organized circuses and amateur sports tournaments to raise money for migrant workers."

Bill & Hillary

Bill Clinton met Hillary Rodham at Yale Law School, when they were both in a class on political and civil liberties. Clinton says he thought she was "the greatest thing on two legs." Hillary says she was attracted to Bill because "he wasn't afraid of me." Hillary tells Vanity Fair magazine (May, 1992) that Clinton followed her around for a couple of weeks, but never spoke. One night, when she saw him staring at her from across the Yale Law School library, she walked up to him and said "Look, if you're going to keep staring at me, then I'm going to keep looking back and I think we ought to know each other's names. I'm Hillary Rodham." Clinton says he was "dumbstruck" and couldn't remember his own name.

In 1972, Bill and Hillary went to Texas to work for George McGovern's presidential campaign. Once, when Bill and Hillary were partners in a mock trial, Attorney John Doar was one of the judges. He was impressed with both. In 1974, six months after they graduated, Doar contacted Bill and asked if he would like to join the staff he was putting together for the House Judiciary Committee to prepare the impeachment case against Richard Nixon. Clinton declined because he was getting ready to run for Congress, and suggested Hillary. Doar had planned on talking to her anyhow, and she took the job.

Rose law firm

Hillary spent six months working on the impeachment case. Bill and Hillary also taught at the University of Arkansas Law School. Hillary's work in setting up the University's Legal Aid Clinic came to the attention of the Rose Law Firm, one of the most prestigious law firms in Arkansas. The firm recruited Hillary. She was a partner with the Rose Law Firm until the Clintons moved into the White House.

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