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A brief look at Bob Dole's history

July 22, 1923: Robert Joseph Dole is born in rural Russell County, Kansas.

July 29, 1936: Elizabeth Hanford is born

1941: Bob Dole enrolls as a premedical student at the University of Kansas.

December 1942: Bob Dole enlists in the Army

June 1943: Dole called to active duty

February 1945: Dole requests and receives a transfer to the "I" Company, 3rd Battalion, 85th Mountain Regiment, also in Italy.

April 14, 1945: Dole ordered to lead an assault on hill 913, a last-ditch German machine gun nest in the Po Valley of northern Italy. Dole hit by Nazi fire.

June 1945: Dole split his time between his home in Russell and Winter General Hospital in Topeka, Kan.

November 1945: Dole begins recovery at Percy Jones General Hospital in Battle Creek, Michigan. Meets occupational therapist Phyllis Holden.

June 1948: Bob Dole marries Phyllis Holden.

1948: Dole attends the University of Arizona in Tucson.

1949: Dole enrolls in Washburn Municipal College (now Washburn University) in Topeka to pursue a bachelor's degree and a law degree simultaneously.

1950: Dole defeats Elmo Mahoney for Kansas 81st district state seat. At 27, Dole is the youngest member of the Kansas lower house.

1952: Dole beats George Holland for Russell County Attorney.

1954: Dole runs unopposed for re-election as Russell County Attorney.

October 15, 1954: Dole's only child, daughter Robin, is born.

1956: Dole wins re-election as Russell County Attorney.

1958: Dole wins his last term as county attorney, defeating Robert Earnest.

1960: Dole wins Kansas 6th congressional district House seat, defeating Democrat William Davis.

1962: Dole wins election to Kansas 1st congressional district, after 6th District is combined with another.

1964: Richard Nixon visits Kansas, and Dole wins re-election.

1964: Dole votes for the Civil Rights Bill.

1964:Dole votes against food stamps (later votes "for" in 1975).

1965: Dole votes against Medicare.

1966: Dole wins re-election easily over Democrat Bernice Hinkle.

1968: Dole runs for U.S. Senate. At 45, he wins easily.

1971: After 23 years of marriage, Dole abruptly tells his wife Phyllis, "I want out."

1972: Dole becomes Republican National Chairman, for his loyalty to Nixon. He is eased out in early 1973.

1973: Meets Elizabeth Hanford after she visits his office to discuss education for the handicapped.

1974: Wins re-election to Senate.

December 6, 1975: Elizabeth Hanford and Bob Dole marry and move into Dole's apartment at the Watergate Hotel.

1976: Joins Gerald Ford's ticket as vice president candidate. After "Democratic wars" comment in debate with Walter Mondale, Dole earns reputation as hatchet man.

May 14, 1979: Dole announces candidacy for president on the steps of Russell City Hall.

February, 1980: Dole suffers crushing defeat in New Hampshire's primary.

March 15, 1980: Dole officially pulls out of presidential race in Lawrence, Kansas.

November, 1980: Dole wins re-election to Senate.

1980: U.S. Senate race -- Dole launchs impressive grassroots effort and easily defeats his primary opponent Jim Grange and Democratic challenger John Simpson.

1981: For the first time in his Washington career, Dole finds himself in the majority.

1981: Dole is appointed to the Social Security Commission.

1983: Elizabeth Dole is appointed as Secretary of Transportation (until 1988).

November 1984: Dole campaigns and wins race to succeed Tennessee Sen. Howard Baker as Senate majority leader.

1986: Dole easily defeats Democrat Guy McDonald for re-election to the Senate.

November 9, 1987: Dole again returns to Russell, Kan., to announce a second presidential bid.

1988: Dole wins the Iowa caucuses, but loses New Hampshire's primary to George Bush. He angrily tells Bush to "stop lying about my record." Dole goes on to win South Dakota and Minnesota but falters on Super Tuesday.

March 29, 1988: Dole calls a press conference in Washington to withdraw from the 1988 race.

1989: Elizabeth Dole is appointed as the Secretary of Labor (until 1990).

1990: Bob Dole votes for the Americans With Disabilities Act.

1991: Bob Dole votes for the Gulf War Authorization.

1994: Elizabeth Dole becomes head of the American Red Cross.

1992: Wins re-election to Senate, easily defeating Democrat Gloria O'Dell.

January 1995: Dole becomes Senate majority leader after Republicans regain control of Congress.

February 1995: Appearing as a guest on David Letterman, Dole says he'll run again.

April 10, 1995: Dole formally announces his third bid for the presidency on the steps of the State Capitol in Topeka, Kansas .

May 15, 1996: Dole resigns from Senate to campaign full time.

June 11, 1996: Dole's last day in the U.S. Senate


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