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Virgil Goode Jr. (D)

District 5 (South--Danville; Charlottesville)

BORN: Oct. 17, 1946, Richmond

EDUCATION: U of Richmond, B.A., 1969; U of Virginia, J.D., 1973

FAMILY: Wife, Lucy; one child


MILITARY: Virginia National Guard, 1969-75


POLITICAL CAREER: Virginia Senate, 1973-; sought Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate, 1982, 1994

ADDRESS: 24 Orchard Avenue, Rocky Mount 24151. Tel.: 540-484-1996

Hoping to inherit the mantle of retiring four-term Representative Lewis Payne, Goode is both a Democrat and a conservative populist: he is pro-gun, pro-life and pro-tobacco--and has fund-raising barbecues for a modest $5-a-plate fee.


Budget NR

Medicare NR

Defense NR

Abortion NR

Guns NR

Gays NR

Bosnia NR


Welfare NR

Medical Leave NR

(For an explanation of these issues, see the front of this guide.)

QUOTE OF NOTE: "It is the people in the stores and farms, on the sidewalks and in the cafés, in the factories and in the homes ... These are the citizens whose vote, help and support I am asking for."

George Landrith III (R)

District 5

BORN: Oct. 27, 1960, Alexandria

EDUCATION: Brigham Young U, B.A., 1985; U of Virginia, J.D., 1988

FAMILY: Wife, Laura; five children




POLITICAL CAREER: Albemarle County School Board, 1992-95; Republican nominee for U.S. House, 1994

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 400, Evington 24550. Tel.: 804-237-1996

After a narrow loss--by just six points--to retiring Representative Lewis Payne in 1994, Landrith hopes to do better against Virginia state Senator Virgil Goode. The conservative Landrith, who wants to cut the deficit by cutting social programs like the National Endowment for the Arts rather than by raising taxes, is getting his message out with the help of Steve Forbes and Newt Gingrich, who have made appearances on his behalf.


Budget NR

Medicare NR

Defense NO

Abortion YES

Guns NO

Gays YES

Bosnia YES


Welfare YES

Medical Leave NO

(For an explanation of these issues, see the front of this guide.)

QUOTE OF NOTE: "I'm running for a simple reason. I want to take our values and our common sense to Washington, rather than have them impose their values and their version of common sense."

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