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AllPolitics Quiz Contest, October 10, 1996


1. What did Jack Kemp, on Wednesday night, describe as a "disgrace to our Judeo-Christian principles."

  • The tax code
  • American foreign policy
  • The welfare system
  • Affirmative action policies
  • None of the above

2. In Wednesday's debate, how many times did Al Gore refer to the Dole tax proposal as a "scheme"?

  • 4
  • 6
  • 8
  • More than 10
3. When Jack Kemp spoke of "the most over-taxed institution in America," to what was he referring?
  • The American family
  • American business
  • The American Stock Exchange
  • None of the above
4. Which among the following is NOT a "promise" that Gore said President Clinton had honored?
  • 8 million new jobs
  • 50 percent reduction in the deficit
  • Welfare reform
  • Middle class tax relief
  • Implementing the death penalty
  • More police on the streets

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