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A Debatable Report Card

Dole and Clinton shake hands

Dole Clinton
Landing good jabs A B
Being humorous A B+
Being graceful B+ A
Defending his record B A-

Best Lines

Dole: "Saddam Hussein is probably better off than he was four years ago."

Clinton: "We need someone who believes in [Medicare] in order to reform it."

Best Use Of Family

Dole: Citing his mother's plea to him not to cut Medicare and Social Security.

Clinton: Recalling his brother's addiction to support his opposition to drugs.

Worst Moments

Dole: Seeming a trifle nasty, waffling on assault weapons.

Clinton: Evading on Whitewater pardons before joking with a "No comment.

Overall Performance

Dole: A Showed he was vigorous, ironic, in command of issues.

Clinton: B+ Conveyed he was a doer, not just a talker.

Lehrer: A+. Most presidential.

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