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The Mystery No Insider Can Unravel

Other than the bizarre discovery of Hillary Clinton's missing legal records inside the White House, it may be the most talked about mystery in the nation's capital. "The only secret I've seen kept in Washington in three years," says President Bill Clinton.

Just who wrote the book "Primary Colors"? That single question -- more than the future of Steve Forbes, more than how to balance the budget -- has Washington abuzz. Published by Random House and already in its seventh printing after just a few days on the market, the anonymously written book offers up a fictionalized account of the 1992 Clinton campaign, replete with characterizations so lifelike that their real-life counterparts are squirming. Governor Jack Stanton is the President, portrayed as "incredibly undisciplined about time, and making decisons and figuring out who should do what on staff." His tough-talking wife, Susan, calls her husband, "faithless, thoughtless, disorganized, undisciplined," and she makes a pass at a young aide, who can only be George Stephanopoulos.

There's a short list of suspects, including TIME's Walter Shapiro, Newsweek's Mark Miller, and former Treasury official Roger Altman, along with other odd and sundry Clinton insiders. But they're all saying they only wish they could take credit. It's "far and away the best thing I have read about the 1992 campaign," columnist Michael Lewis wrote in a review for The New York Times.

Calling Sherlock Holmes

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