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Inforum '96, a nationwide four-part panel discussion featuring reporters and analysts from CNN and TIME as well as several savvy political operatives.

Columnists: On the trail, inside the Beltway, wherever they are, they all have something to say about Campaign '96.


Margaret Carlson

Calvin Trillin

Christopher Ogden

Michael Kramer
Chief Political Correspondent

Lance Morrow
Senior Writer

Jack White
National Correspondent

Michael Kinsley

Jeff Greenfield


Charles Bierbauer
Senior Washington Correspondent

Bill Schneider
Political Analyst

[Congressional Quarterly]

Rhodes Cook
Senior Writer

Phil Duncan
Editor, "Politics in America"

Ronald D. Elving
Political Editor

Stephen Gettinger
Senior Editor

Political Cartoonists

Bob Lang
Political Cartoonist

Steve Brodner
Political Cartoonist

Bill Lemmer
Political Cartoonist

Mike Luckovich
Political Cartoonist

Read 'em and respond. Let them know if they made, or missed, the point.

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