Yes, that was Taylor Swift in Target

Taylor Swift plays new album for lucky fans
Taylor Swift plays new album for lucky fans


    Taylor Swift plays new album for lucky fans


Taylor Swift plays new album for lucky fans 00:48

Story highlights

  • Singer keeps up tradition of checking out Target
  • Swifties seem in disbelief; "Reputation" racks up big sales

(CNN)If you were at a Target in Nashville late Tuesday and thought you spotted Taylor Swift, you are not crazy.

The superstar kept up her tradition of popping into a Target store after the release of a new album to check out the display.
If you think fans were calm about that, you don't know the Swifties!
    The singer announced via an Instagram story with her cat Olivia that she was keeping the tradition alive (albeit not with Olivia, who apparently opted to stay home).
    Swift then taped her and some girlfriends arriving in a Target parking lot.
    After a casual stroll into the store -- which Swift documented practically step by step -- she and her crew spotted the "Reputation" album.
    "It's wrapped in shiny plastic," Swift can be heard joking about the album.
    Plenty of interaction with fans followed. They seemed in disbelief that Swift was really there.
    At one point the singer can be heard telling fans, "You can talk to me if you want."
    A few lucky ones even got Swift to FaceTime with family and friends.
    All these promo efforts probably won't hurt, even if the singer doesn't even need them at this point.
    As of Tuesday, "Reputation" had already sold more than 1 million copies since its release late last week.