How to help victims of the California wildfires

Flames overtake a structure in the Napa wine region on October 9.

Story highlights

  • Aid workers are offering help for evacuees.
  • Relief groups seek volunteers and donations.

(CNN)Fast-moving wildfires spread devastation and desperation in Northern California. Firefighters are making progress towards containing the massive blazes.

So far, more than 75,000 people have evacuated. Dozens are dead.
Here is how you can help those dealing with the fires, and ways you can get help if you're in need.
    Organizations are on the ground providing emergency supplies. Click the button to below to donate money:
    If you live in Northern California, you can volunteer and donate aid through this Facebook page.
    The American Red Cross is seeking volunteers to assist evacuees.
    Facebook has also activated a safety check-in page.
    Home Care Assistance is helping seniors in Napa and Sonoma evacuate and transport their belongings. Call 925-817-0416.
    Meanwhile, Airbnb hosts are offering free rooms to displaced neighbors and relief workers from October 8 to October 30.
    Influence Church in Anaheim Hills is providing food and shelter.
    Three GoFundMe campaigns are raising money to help feed residents and relief workers in Sonoma County and Santa Rosa.
    San Francisco store Love on Haight is giving away free clothes.
    And Wine County Animal Lovers is offering pet supplies to help evacuees keep their animals with them.
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