South Africa's stunning landscapes seen from the sky

Editor's Note: This story is part of a special focus on South Africa and how it is shaping the future and paving the way for the rest of the continent.

Photographer Zack Seckler isn't attracted to cityscapes. "What really is fulfilling to me to look at is natural landscapes. It's kind of like a painter chooses to paint with certain kinds of colors."
Seckler set off to shoot aerial pictures of South Africa's enormous natural diversity in 2016. In one tiny plane together with a local pilot, Seckler covered 2,000 miles in 45 hours of flying over the course of one week.
"It was such an adventure -- we never knew where we were going to sleep that night and where we were going to wake up that morning."
But the real adventure was off the ground.
"It's such a privilege and it's so exciting and it's like my adrenaline is going up and I'm feeling intoxicated by the beauty of some of these landscapes from the air, it looks so different.
"And at the same time you really have to be in the moment and create images and there's technical aspects to it, focusing and framing while the plane is circling. It's a somewhat intense but also meditative flow because I'm completely in the moment and I have to be really mentally sharp to be creating the images that I want to make."
Zack Seckler's series Aerial Abstracts is running at the ClampArt gallery in New York until May 26. Follow him on Instagram.