Election fatigue? Picture yourself here

(CNN)You're. Almost. There.

The presidential campaign is in its final stretch, and regardless of your political leanings we all can agree that is good news.
The bad news? The onslaught of campaign ads, partisan bombast and political rants by your Facebook "friends" are not likely to quiet before November 8.
    If Election Day feels so close, yet so far away, it's time to escape -- mentally, at the very least -- to wide-open places where solitude is easily achieved.
    To help you survive these final weeks, we've researched some of the most beautiful and serene landscapes on Earth -- spots that also happen to be among the least populated.
    From the pristine, snow-capped mountains of Greenland to a river delta in Botswana teeming with wildlife, these are places where you're unlikely to see anyone you know -- let alone get a strong cell phone signal.