Watery inspirations: How architects are reinventing the bathhouse

Story highlights

  • Bathhouses have traditionally been considered places for health and well-being
  • See gallery above for modern day bathhouses and other designs inspired by water

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(CNN)While "taking the waters" may have fallen out of favor, a new generation of architects are reimagining the bathhouse as an alternative community space.

"Soak, Steam, Dream" -- an exhibition at the Roca London Gallery -- brings together contemporary bathhouses by designers from around the world, including mobile saunas-on-wheels and floating spas perched on lakes.
While historically bathhouses were a place of health and well-being, slowly displaced by the private bathroom, many of the spas on show were created with socializing in mind.
    "Architects want an alternative to our existing bars and restaurants, and other consumption-based social spaces," says curator Jane Withers. "It's about how people behave, and sparking community in different ways."
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