Extraordinary in the ordinary: These warped works will melt your mind

(CNN)"Sculpture" is a broad term.

Encompassing everything from marble statues by masters like Rodin and Michelangelo, to Alexander Calder's hypnotic mobiles and Lynda Benglis' organic forms -- not to mention the playful Pop art characters of KAWS and Kohei Nawa's mutated taxidermy -- it's a fairly large tent.
Taking up their own corner are contemporary sculptors manipulating everyday objects and motifs to give a playful, warped spin on reality, either to provoke thought, express larger concepts, or simply spark joy.
    "My practice as an artist is to make my ideas come to life so that people can enjoy them," says London artist Nancy Fouts, who's manipulated everything from shuttlecocks to baby chicks.
    "I love to secretly watch people looking at my work, smiling, laughing and wondering. This is my reward."
    Look through the gallery above for works from international artists bringing out the extraordinary in everyday objects.