Sound advice: How Egyptian singer Sarah El Gohary found her voice

(CNN)Egyptian singer Sarah El Gohary was only four years old when she decided she wanted to dedicate her life to music.

Growing up in a house where even the most simple directives we delivered in song, it seemed a natural choice. So when she reached university, she started making music of her own, developing the blend of reggae, hip-hop and Arabic music that is now her signature.
But finding her voice was no simple journey.
"One of the many challenges I have faced has been singing as an Arab girl in an Arab society," says El Gohary. "My parents are considered relatively conservative, so it was a huge challenge for their girl to sing."
    But she's remained focused over the years, overcoming obstacles -- including one producer who thought she was too fat to become a singer -- and finding success online.
    Her advice to others is simple:
    "Set up a camera, film yourself and upload it to the internet," she says. "If you've got passion, everyone will hear you and support you."
    Watch the video above to find out how Sarah El Gohary found her voice.