Cockroaches, aliens and other strange finds -- Art Stage Singapore spotlights regional art

Story highlights

  • Art Stage Singapore (Jan 21 - 24) showcased the work of artists from 173 galleries around the world
  • Over a quarter of the galleries represent Southeast Asian artists
  • Gallery: See some highlights from the annual event

(CNN)The sixth edition of Art Stage Singapore this month attracted more than 450,000 visitors.

Although the Lion City's annual art fair presents works from around the world, there was a prominent focus on regional art, with a quarter of the 173 galleries present hailing from Southeast Asia.
    Eye-catching works included an installation comprised of plastic cockroaches by Thai artist Anon Pairot, a container ship suspended in midair by Indonesian artist Yudi Sulistyo, and a sculpture of a giant metallic "splash" of liquid by Chinese artist Zheng Lu.
    #LIFE by Anon Pairot
    Multiple works by Indonesian artist Syagini Ratna Wulan, Thai artist Kittisak Thapkoa and the late Singaporean painter Chua Ek Kay, sold out.
    The event's Southeast Asia Forum -- a series of talks on wider global issues -- attracted big names from the art world including celebrity auctioneer Simon De Pury, and Dutch architect and 2000 Pritzker Prize laureate Rem Koolhaas.
    Scroll through the gallery above to see highlights from the fair.