American Rockies: How to get those classic photos

With autumn colors bursting across North America, there's time for one last classic U.S. outdoor trip before winter marches in.
National parks and other well-known mountain vistas are among the main attractions, but with them come lots of people vying for that same shot.
Here are some ideas from the Rocky Mountains for coming home with unique photos from your mountain adventure.
Above are three photos from some of the more popular mountain views in the West.
The first is the classic photo that most people dream of getting.
Next I'll show you the reality of the crowded area where you'll be standing to get that shot.
And, finally, I'll give you an alternative shot and tips for coming home with a better photo and experience.
Ben Adkison is a freelance photographer and mountain guide based in Missoula, Montana. His photos from remote corners of the world can be found on Facebook and his website.