American Southwest: How to get those iconic photos

The American Southwest is one of the most picturesque regions anywhere.
The variety of landscapes and quality of light is inviting to travelers and photographers from around the world.
As we enter the busy spring and summer months many of the most beautiful spots will be crowded and it becomes harder to get the photos you want.
This spring I visited four of the more popular spots in northern Arizona and southern Utah.
Included in the gallery above are three shots from each location.
First is the classic photo that most people want to get at each spot.
Next is a depiction of the crowds of like-minded photographers that are the reality of getting that shot.
Finally, I've added an alternative shot for the area with tips on how to get great photos of these amazing spots, while avoiding the crowds that the busy travel season brings.
Ben Adkison is a freelance photographer and mountain guide based in Missoula, Montana. His photos from remote corners of the world can be found on Facebook and his website.