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Booker offers hairstyle advice to Paul

By Alexandra Jaffe, CNN
updated 2:45 PM EST, Wed December 24, 2014

(CNN) -- Democrat Cory Booker and Republican Rand Paul are a rare bipartisan Senate pair who have found areas of agreement, but one issue remains deeply divisive for the two self-described friends: Hair.

Booker, whose bald head often stands out on the Senate floor, in a Tuesday night tweet suggested the Kentucky senator should follow in his footsteps and get rid of his own distinctive head of curls.

The comment came in response to Paul's "Airing of Grievances" on Twitter earlier that day, a tradition that's part of the fictional holiday of Festivus, popularized by the television show "Seinfeld."

Paul both tweaked Booker, for not re-tweeting him enough, and complimented him for their work together on various issues, including criminal justice reform.

And Booker, in the spirit of the holiday, returned the compliment.

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