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Top 5 eye-opening Mike Rowe moments

By Thom Patterson, CNN
updated 6:30 PM EST, Wed December 17, 2014
  • Top moments from "Somebody's Gotta Do It" include a look at the largest human colon
  • In another, Mike Rowe dangled high above a pool of water at a Vegas show
  • He busted a move or two during a stint with a marching band

CNN's Mike Rowe -- host of "Somebody's Gotta Do It" -- meets unique people across America who perform unusual jobs. Follow him at and

(CNN) -- Remember the look on Mike Rowe's face on CNN's "Somebody's Gotta Do It" when he was presented with the world's largest human colon?

Ew, yes -- but like a train wreck -- it was hard not to watch.

And how about that episode when Rowe made a "hair flower" at the "world's only" human hair museum?

What about when he busted a few moves with a marching band?

Mike connected with his fans in a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" online chat, saying, "Why the Mob has such a rich history in garbage-related industries and rendering-related industries is a conversation beyond my pay grade." During a CNN Facebook Q&A, he talked about his past, saying, "I crashed an audition for the Baltimore Opera. I got in. Then I got hired to sell stuff on QVC in the middle of the night. One thing (led) to another, and I eventually worked my (way) up to the sewer."

If you missed these and other priceless moments, here's where you can catch up.

Below, we've boiled down some top video from the first season.

Enjoy these five fun-size Mike Rowe Vines.

1. Creepy

We got a private tour at one of the world's top collections of medical oddities -- Philadelphia's Mütter Museum.

2. Playing with hair

You have to go to Independence, Missouri, to experience the wonder of Leila's Hair Museum.

3. Whoa!

Here's Mike's scary view as he's perched high above a water tank at the Las Vegas water show, Le Reve.

4. Don't laugh, this is DIFFICULT!

Mike gets schooled by a master marching band leader.

5. In Texas, spitting is a sporting event.

Watch some of the best ... as well as Mike.

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