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NY Congressman visits site of Eric Garner's death

By Ashley Codianni, CNN
updated 8:47 AM EST, Wed December 10, 2014

Washington (CNN) -- As Brooklyn's Democratic Congressman Hakeem Jeffries was visiting the site of Eric Garner's death for the first time in Staten Island, Garner's mother Gwen Carr arrived on Monday night.

When Carr pulled up to the memorial, the Congressman approached the vehicle to share an intimate and private conversation. When CNN talked to her, she was confident that justice would soon prevail for the death of her son, "my hats off to the protesters, keep on keeping on" she said.

The Congressman, who was born and raised in Brooklyn, is a product of New York City. While talking to residents of the Tompkinsville area of Staten Island, he told one man, "we're gonna stay on it."

In an emotional exchange in front of Garner's memorial, the Congressman shared his shock and disappointment with the grand jury's decision to not indict the chokehold officer.

"If there is ever an instance where you can get justice in an interaction where excessive force results in the death of an unarmed would think that the death of Eric Garner, which was caught on video for all the world to see, could have brought about an indictment" he said.

The issue of over-policing is very personal for Jeffries, who has two African-American sons he's raising in Brooklyn.

Garner's death, he said, is just one more example of a failed criminal justice system to hold police officers accountable. He also said however that is a national issue, "aggressive policing in communities of color is one that is not just specific to New York City" citing recent incidents in Cleveland, Ferguson and Oakland.