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Obama pushes 'Schoolhouse Rock' Bill down steps of Capitol in 'SNL' skit

By Emanuella Grinberg, CNN
updated 1:07 PM EST, Sun November 23, 2014
  • "Saturday Night Live" updates classic "I'm Just a Bill" segment from "Schoolhouse Rock"
  • Actor playing Obama shoves the bill down the steps to make room for an executive order
  • "There's an easier way to get things done around here," Obama says

(CNN) -- You sure gotta climb a lot of steps to reach the Capitol building in Washington, so just imagine what the tumble down is like.

Or, just ask "Schoolhouse Rock" Bill, hero of the classic animated educational segment "I'm Just a Bill" on how a bill becomes a law.

In a sketch on this weekend's episode of "Saturday Night Live" that captures the gridlocked climate of Washington politics, President Obama pushes the bill (played by Kenan Thompson) down the steps of the Capitol to make room for a cigarette-smoking executive order (played by Bobby Moynihan).

"There's an easier way to get things done around here," Obama (played by Jay Pharoah) tells a bewildered schoolboy visiting the Capitol.

The sketch starts off the same way as the original "Schoolhouse Rock" segment, with a schoolboy meeting the bill on the Capitol steps. Bill launches into the classic "I'm Just a Bill" ditty, explaining how he goes from "sitting here on Capitol Hill" to the House, the Senate and then to the President's desk.

Then, enter Obama, followed by Executive Order, who tells the student, "I pretty much just happen."

Bill makes his way up the steps a few times after the tumble, only to meet the same fate.

But is this constitutional? the boy asks. Yes, says Executive Order -- "I create national parks, or new holidays."

"Or grant legal status to 5 million undocumented immigrants," interjects Obama, referring to his plan to overhaul immigration.

"Whoa!" exclaims Executive Order. "OK, go big or go home."

Moral of the story? "I think I want to go into the private sector," says the boy.

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