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Listen: 15 super-hot DJs who deserve to be stars

By Matthew Ponsford, for CNN
updated 1:31 PM EST, Tue November 11, 2014
Tom Lea, editor of music magazine <a href='' target='_blank'>FACT</a>, selects 15 up-and-coming DJs who deserve to be big names<strong> Find out who he chose here, and listen below.</strong> Tom Lea, editor of music magazine FACT, selects 15 up-and-coming DJs who deserve to be big names Find out who he chose here, and listen below.
FACT Magazine's 15 DJs to watch
1. Evan Baggs
2. Throwing Shade
3. DJ Slow
4. Madam X
5. Oil Gang
6. Slow to Speak
7. Nadus
8. Josey Rebelle
9. Jon K
10. Jon Rust
11. Divoli S'vere
12. Riz La Teef
13. Spooky
14. DJ Spinz
15. Grandmixxer
  • Bored by chart-topping DJs? There's a lot more to electronic music than them
  • Here, FACT Magazine's editors uncover the underground DJs you should be listening to
  • Discover the 15 young DJs and producers who deserve to be huge

(CNN) -- The annual DJ Mag "Top 100 DJs" list is ceremonially revealed each autumn as the world's millionaire club-banger-spinning playboys jostle for top spot, backed by their armies of adoring social media followers.

For those outside the world of electronic music, it's an invaluable view into the who's-who of this still-young, and often impenetrable industry.

And for the DJs and producers inside this world? A wince and roll of the eyes is the norm, as the broad, restless, genre-spawning art is boiled down to a crass popularity contest, where the chart toppers (the One Directions and Katy Perrys of the dance world) outmuscle the striking new acts arriving on the scene.

This year, influential music magazine FACT has decided to end the griping and do something about it. Here, we profile the 15 rising young DJs that the editors of FACT -- many big name DJs themselves -- believe deserve to be heard.

Listen to 15 DJs and producers who deserve to be electronic music's next generation:

Evan Baggs

Already a star before his first release, Evan Baggs set about DJing in Brazil, China, his hometown, NYC, and adopted home, Berlin, on the strength of word-of-mouth alone. His latest EP came out on Swedish label Kurbits and the footloose techno DJ's"dirt-trodden basslines" are likely to buy him a ticket to travel for a lot longer.

Throwing shade

Not long ago Nabihah Iqbal was a barrister in South Africa. Then she packed it in to become one of RnB's mixing stars (while teaching karate on the side.) Each month her NTS radio show displays some of the best music you've never heard from across the world. It's easy to see why cool bible Dazed and Confused has backed her, calling Iqbal "London's new alt-pop hope"

DJ Slow

The sounds of Atlanta's dirtiest rap, via Brussels, Belgium. DJ Slow is the CEO and co-founder of trailblazing Belgian label Pelican Fly, and is credited with seamlessly fusing North American urban music with club-destined European tracks. House, hip-hop, techno, grime... he brings it all together.

Madam X

The daughter of a Greek dentist and a teacher, Christiana Vassilakis has risen from humble roots to become an international DJ, radio host and record label head. And all before her 23rd birthday. Playing dark grimy bass, Madam X is known for linking in influences from boogie, RnB, garage, and electro-Funk.

Oil Gang

Oil Gang is head of one of London's most exciting young labels (also, helpfully, named Oil Gang) and grime fans know him best for the bright spotlight he casts on his own roster. FACT praise his dedication to the artists on his label, saying "few DJs have a sound as focused and direct as Oil Gang."

Slow to Speak

Francis Englehardt and Paul Nickerson are the outspoken proprietors of New York's famed Dope Jams record store -- and feared critics of many of house music's highly regarded heroes. As DJ duo Slow to Speak they put substance behind their attacks with their own engrossing mix of house, techno, and just about everything else.


"The genre's next world-wide ambassador" FACT says about Nadus -- the Newark, NJ native and man responsible for exporting the bouncy "Jersey club" sound from the east coast. Nadus is co-founder of Thread, Newark's inclusive warehouse club night, but has refused to stay put in his home city -- his debut EP was released by Belgium's Pelican Fly.

Josey Rebelle

Long known and respected among fans of the UK's underground radio institution Rinse FM, Josey Rebelle draws acclaim with her unearthed house, garage, soul and disco gems. "There's little on Earth as reliably comforting as Josey Rebelle's Rinse show, and her blends are some of the most inspired and musical around," says FACT.

Jon K

"It's almost becoming a running joke to call Jon K the UK's most underrated DJ," say FACT. Resident DJ at Hoya:Hoya, the monthly underground party in Manchester, his eclectic mixing defies genres. As FACT prefer to put it: "He's your favourite DJ's favourite DJ, we guess -- one of those guys."

Jon Rust

NO BORING INTROS is the name of Jon Rust's 4-year-old radio show, and the DJ has earned fans across the waves, as well as in the club, for his carefully curated selection of gems. Paying little attention to genre divides, the DJ says he has music for any day of the week. His star is set to rise with the launch of his new label, Levels.

Divoli S'vere

"DJ, producer, remixer, vocalist -- the prolific Divoli S'vere does a little bit of everything", says FACT. S'vere's part of the Qween Beat collective who are credited with bringing back "ballroom house" -- the 70s and 80s New York phenomenon that saw divas and vogue performers battling for dancefloor glory. It's back, and S'vere is showing off "one of the rawest and fiercest styles in the ballroom world."

Riz La Teef

An analogue craftsman in the digital age, Riz La Teef still plays vinyl-only sets and cuts his own dub plates. The Londoner also has a sharp ear: FACT recognizes him as one of London's finest new selectors.


Spooky scored a hit back in 2010 with grime anthem "Spartan" and the DJ and producer has stayed true to the genre with his weekly radio show on underground radio Déjà vu. But "he can wreck a dance as easily with roots reggae," says FACT. "If pirate radio culture is on the wane nobody told this man."

DJ Spinz

Hoodrich founder Spinz is now best known as a hip-hop producer, but he cut his teeth spinning on Atlanta's club circuit. "His selection skill is second to none," says FACT. "Wanna know what it sounds like in the back room of an ATL strip club? Spinz has you covered."


"Catching the South Londoner in full flight is an awe-inspiring sight," says FACT. Tour DJ to Grime star Big Narstie and one of the city's liveliest radio stars, Grandmixxer has also produced mixes that have graced BBC Radio 1 and MTV.

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