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GoPro, whiskey bottle make for wedding to remember

By Melonyce McAfee, CNN
updated 5:46 PM EDT, Tue October 28, 2014
  • GoPro camera taped to a bottle of Fireball captures wedding guests swigging
  • Comments on YouTube focused on whether guests were exchanging germs

(CNN) -- Germaphobes, take heed: This video may be your worst nightmare.

Posted Monday to YouTube, it features a parade of wedding guests taking turns swigging from a bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky taped to a GoPro camera.

The beaming couple's groomsmen, bridesmaids, family and friends each down a bit of the liquid courage, culminating in the bride taking the last sip. It was being widely shared online Tuesday.

It's not clear from the clip when or where the wedding took place. But it's a sweet show of support for the couple that features drinkers young and old -- and some guy holding a baby. Can you feel the love ... and the burn?