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Ernst's new hog ad: 'Too many politicians full of...'

By Ashley Codianni, CNN
updated 9:32 AM EDT, Wed October 22, 2014

(CNN) -- Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joni Ernst is making the internet squeal, again, with a new ad that features her dozens of hogs.

While Ernst doesn't resurrect her experience castrating hogs as she did in her previous ad "Squeal," she does get a little sassy by nearing an expletive, leaving you to fill in the blank, "Too many typical politicians, hogging, wasting and full of ... Well, let's just say, bad ideas."

There's also a wisely timed stink eye from a pig himself as she recounts Washington's dysfunction.

The new ad titled "Lot" was filmed in southwest Iowa with the same pigs she used in 'Squeal' and will begin airing in key markets across Iowa.

Check out the original "Squeal" below.