DSCC back on the air in Kentucky

Grimes dodges question on vote for Obama
Grimes dodges question on vote for Obama


    Grimes dodges question on vote for Obama


Grimes dodges question on vote for Obama 01:34

Story highlights

  • The DSCC will return to the airwaves to support Alison Lundergan Grimes
  • The DSCC went dark in Kentucky last week
  • Polls show Grimes can still beat GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell
Democrats will soon return to the airwaves in Kentucky to back Alison Lundergan Grimes, according to a source at the Democratic Senatorial Congressional Committee.
The decision comes as Democrats insist polls show their candidate, Lundergan Grimes, can still win in her race against Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell.
As of last week, the DSCC had not purchased airtime for Lundergan Grimes at all through the end of the campaign. That news got out the morning after she was roundly criticized for awkwardly refusing to answer questions about whether she voted for President Barack Obama.
But polling suggests Lundergan Grimes is still competitive. A Courier-Journal/Survey USA poll of voters from Oct. 15-19 found McConnell up by just one point. The DSCC source said their polling suggests undecided voters are moving toward Grimes, though there's little public data to back that up.
Even last week when they conceded they had no plans to air TV ads for Grimes, national Democrats still promised to spend money on the ground to get out the vote.
The reality is that the back and forth about money for TV ads is more symbolic of how national Democrats view Lundergan Grimes' chances -- and perhaps differences with locals over how to run the campaign -- than it is practical
Kentucky is flush with cash from both the campaigns and outside groups and sources in both parties concede at this point neither candidate will win or lose for lack of money.
Politico first reported the DSCC's decision to return to Kentucky.