Pakistani airstrikes kill at least 21 militants

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  • One strike kills 10 and another kills 11 in remote villages in North Waziristan
  • Strikes target militant hideouts in volatile tribal area
  • Militants targeted were members of the Pakistan Taliban, sources say
At least 21 militants were killed in Pakistani airstrikes Sunday in a volatile area close to the Afghan border, officials said.
Ten militants died as jets targeted their hideouts in the Khyber tribal district, Pakistan's Inter Services Public Relations reported. The strikes demolished four hideouts, officials said.
Separate strikes killed 11 militants and destroyed two terrorist hideouts in another remote village in North Waziristan, sources said.
Fighting terror underground in Pakistan
Fighting terror underground in Pakistan


    Fighting terror underground in Pakistan


Fighting terror underground in Pakistan 02:59
North Waziristan is a Pakistan Taliban stronghold in the country's loosely governed tribal areas bordering Afghanistan. The area is dangerous and hard for journalists to reach, making it difficult to independently verify the military account.
Military and local sources on the ground said the militants were affiliated with the Pakistan Taliban.
Militants from Tehreek-e-Taliban, or TTP, have long conducted an insurgency against the Pakistani government and have claimed a number of violent attacks. Early this year, the government suspended peace talks with the group.
Pakistan's northwestern region is home to loosely governed tribal areas. It's also a base for foreign fighters and a refuge for members of the militant Haqqani network, an insurgent force affiliated with the Taliban and al Qaeda.