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Keith Ellison tweets Emojis about minimum wage

By Ashley Codianni, CNN
updated 12:21 PM EDT, Fri October 10, 2014
Keith Ellison
Keith Ellison

(CNN) -- Minnesota Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison is tweeting food Emojis to talk about minimum wage. As one of his tweets points out, the minimum wage in 1968 was $1.60 an hour. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that wage today would be worth $10.56 an hour. The national minimum wage now is at $7.25 an hour, though some states have increased the minimum wage on their own.

Ellison used emojis to show how many loaves of bread you could by in 1968 with minimum wage, versus how many loaves of bread you can buy today.

He also did the same for cups of coffee...

For candy bars...

And again for burgers...

Ellison could be taking a page out of the textbook of the West Wing: The White House used emoijis in messaging earlier this week.

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